Private Event FAQs

The only catch is you must buy at least $500 of food/drinks from Melbas.

Yes! We require that you have at least one of our workers attend to your party. This is to make sure the equipment works and things go smoothly for you. We charge $100 for this employee supervision.  If you need more severs and employees to work/host your party we charge $100.00 per employee for your event.

A Melbas representative will be assigned to you to help set up and take down your event. It is he/her job to help you make your event special. If you feel like they have helped you, then we welcome you to offer a tip valued with the level of service you received from him/her. *Most people tip between $40 and $100

Depending on your party type and time of day. For most night and weekend parties, we may require you to hire security which we will arrange fro you. Security is $40 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

No, we will do the cleaning up.

Yes, we charge a $200 security deposit to ensure no damages to the property which is refunded after inspection.

Depending on your specific needs. You will erect any decorations you have and signage. We will assist you in starting up our steam table to keep your food hot and fresh. You and your guest can self serve yourselves thereafter.

Most parties are 2-4 hours. IF you need it longer, let us know.

Yes, let us know your needs and when you want access and we will accommodate it.

All events are paid in advance to ensure the guaranteed date — you can get a 50% refund if you cancel two weeks in advance.

We have many types of party trays for $40. Check out our catering menu here:

You can also pick any individual foods from our full menu:

Yes, however use of the Party House still requires you receive. $500 food gift card from Melbas which you can use anytime.

Yes. It expires 90 days after issuance.

Outside alcohol is not allowed. We do sell daiquiris at Melbas and our guests can easily walk to Melbas to purchase daiquiris. You can also purchase Daiquiris by the gallon from us and keep them in Ice Chest for your guest. This can be part of the $500 min food/drink order for the rental.

You risk losing your security deposit.

No. The Party House is a smoke free zone.

We recommend no more than 75 people.

We have a private special parking lot across the street from the Party House for your guests.

Yes, for everyones safety, we have security cameras inside and outside of the Party house and the surrounding parking lots. Depending on the type of party, we may require you to have paid security.

We have 4 Samsung smart TV’s and Wifi service available for you to link into to play our music or showcase your powerpoint and videos.

Yes. We often speak to groups and tell the Melbas story as well as inspirational and motivational messages.

Yes, you can have bands, DJ and live music. Nothing vulgar and no cursing music.

Yes, we require you to sign a contract which we will email you that outlines damages and conditions. Very much like these FAQ’s.