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Melbas Party House Rental Agreement

Requested Information
Contract date:
Date of event start:
Event start time - access needed (please include am/ pm):
Renter’s name / company or organization (if applicable):
Mailing address:
City, state, zip:
Additional comments:
This Rental Agreement is made and effective this (month) _________________ (date) ______ of 2020, by and between 1525 Elysian Fields LLC, hereinafter referred to as “Owner” and the above named Renter.
Max. 60 Occupancy allowed. Estimated number of guests including host(s):
Total chairs:
Total rectangular tables:
Renter and/or Renter's representative(s), such as party-planners, caterers, etc. will not bring alcoholic beverages onto Owner's property. Signature confirms that NO alcohol will be brought onto the premises during term of rental:
I have read and I agree to the terms and conditions of renting the party house (refer to button above):
Renter's Signature (please type your full name):